In this page, I try to compile anything and everything related to cars, even incidents or some "Parking idiots"  pictures??? What kind of driving culture do you want to see in Singapore? If you have some useful tips or even your own personal encounters while driving, please share it with me and I might consider posting it here as well. Email me at petra74@gmail.com


1.  How to improve fuel consumption for your car?

2. We should learn from Japanese drivers:

Courtesy should be a way of life, even when comes to driving and saying "Thanks!" using hazard lights flashing twice. Waving hand signal is what been encouraged previously but adopting this is also useful both in the daylight or in the dark.

3.  If you are driver here in Singapore, you should be aware of this website that provides Traffic Information on all expressways and CTE tunnel. Its vital to know where the traffic jams or accidents are in order to save time and petrol consumption. There's an App for both iPhone, iPad & Android devices which serve the same purpose. (Click on the picture to visit the webpage)


  • I think this site is pretty dead, no post for 2 years but it is interesting!

  • Showing kindness on the road... in Russia!

  • MUST have App for iPhone and Android:

  • No traffic lights?!

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