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simon Ng is what I am commonly known, working as Senior IT Engineer though I do not have Certification or Credentials but much of the things I do are hands on. Thank God for information overloading at World Wide Web, I managed to pick up some troubleshooting skills and perhaps my interest get me going. 

Liverpool Football Club 
is my passion although they are not up there challenging for Premier League title, YET! It's strange how I got started supporting LFC, in fact, I was a sleeping fan since Secondary School days till 2009 when Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford. Followed by 4-0 victory against Real Madrid. Revive my following of this favourite club of mine. Here is the highlights of that victory!

How about 2nd win in the same season against Manchester United?

is pretty much essential parts of my life. It just has its ability to bring back memories, stir emotions and most importantly, lift up my spirit high. Be it Progressive Trance or Retro Pop songs like "Take on Me" by a-ha or "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears. I'm quite a rocker myself, likes Linkin Park and L'Arc-En-Ciel (JRock) Which is why my car is so important 'cause it has the best sound system for me to enjoy my ride! This is what I call "Joy Ride" listening to your favourite songs!

My all time hits by Tears for Fears: The Working Hour

Big screen?
ah boys to men - Part 1

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You may email me at me@petrasite.asia 

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