23 September 2015

Issues updating iTunes for Windows 10

I encountered issues when I try to update my iTunes to the latest version (as of 23 Sep 2015) but the error pop up as shown above or text below.

"There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run..."

After searching, I found this solution which is to use Win RAR or 7-zip to extract out the iTunes set up installer (iTunes6464setup.exe) into a folder.

Delete "AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi" file then I double clicked the "iTunes" installer file in that folder and it worked. However, it may not be necessary to delete it I realized.

1. open Control Panel > Uninstall Programs
2. Right click on Apple Software Update > Repair
3. Try Install iTunes (Latest version available)
4. Or if had already extracted it and install iTunes6464setup.exe, just install AppleSoftwareUpdate will do. 

Updated solution: (29 Jun 2016)