20 October 2015

Google Apps for Outlook cannot send out emails (Windows 10)

I did an upgrade for one of my colleague to Windows 10 and use Office 2010 for her emails. She came to me reporting about this error:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject: Test
      Sent: 20/10/2015 15:00

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

      '*****@gmail.com' on 20/10/2015 15:00
            This email message was not sent because we were unable to convert the message into Internet format (MIME). Removing attachments or removing forwarded text from the message may enable you to send the message. See http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?answer=2392524 for details.

I followed the instruction as described by Google Support, to uninstall Google Apps Sync and MS Office altogether but error still exist.


To Run SFC /SCANNOW Command in Windows 10

Make sure you run the Command Prompt as Administrtor.

Type the command, SFC /SCANNOW

It will take a while and may report corrupt files detected but unable to repair. Don't worry about that.

Open your Outlook and try sending email, it should work now.

23 September 2015

Issues updating iTunes for Windows 10

I encountered issues when I try to update my iTunes to the latest version (as of 23 Sep 2015) but the error pop up as shown above or text below.

"There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run..."

After searching, I found this solution which is to use Win RAR or 7-zip to extract out the iTunes set up installer (iTunes6464setup.exe) into a folder.

Delete "AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi" file then I double clicked the "iTunes" installer file in that folder and it worked. However, it may not be necessary to delete it I realized.

1. open Control Panel > Uninstall Programs
2. Right click on Apple Software Update > Repair
3. Try Install iTunes (Latest version available)
4. Or if had already extracted it and install iTunes6464setup.exe, just install AppleSoftwareUpdate will do. 

Updated solution: (29 Jun 2016)

18 July 2015

Cannot view iTunes library in BlackBerry Link (Windows)

If you encounter difficulty viewing your music library in BlackBerry Link, you are not alone! In my search for the solution was in vain until I bumped into one solution which is not relevant to my issue.

When I load "Reliability Monitor", I noticed that "BlackBerryLink.Helper" kept crashing or stopped working. To access reliability monitor, just click Start menu, type "perfmon /rel" in the "Search programs and files" box. 

However, you may not encounter this issue. So I hope what I did may also resolve your issue too.

Here you will learn how to remove and reinstall the Microsoft .NET Framework in order to correct the problem with your BlackBerry Link.

To uninstall the Microsoft .NET Framework:
  1. Open Programs and Features from the Windows Control Panel (or Add or Remove Programs for Windows XP). An easy way to bring this up on non-Windows XP systems is to type "programs and features" in the search field at the bottom of the Start menu.
  2. Uninstall everything that starts with "Microsoft .NET," To get a complete clean removal of the .NET files, run the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool. Here is the download page:
  3. Download and install all of the following that pertain to your version of Windows: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (only for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1)
You may proceed to perform updates via Windows Update thereafter. 

You should be able to see your iTunes library in your BlackBerry Link and sync with your BB device!

Do let me know if this solution helps you or not. Alternatively, you can also use Google Music Player!