24 July 2014

Review on Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z213

If you are looking for super budget desktop speakers yet not inferior sound quality with a decent base for your office use, you come to the right place! Logitech Multimedia Speakers is a light weight sound system that cost less than S$50. To be exact, it's just S$39.90.

Let's head straight to the product description:

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z213
Full Bass, compact design. Add a richer, deeper sound experience to YouTube videos, streaming movies, your favorite music and games. Compact satellite speakers deliver excellent sound quality yet fit easily on a desk, bookshelf or TV cabinet. The subwoofer pumps out deep bass that’s easy to adjust to your liking. Whether you want better, fuller sound for your PC, Mac or the music on your smartphone, this stereo speaker system makes great audio plug-and-play easy.

Rich, full bass
From explosive movie tracks to the driving beats behind your favorite songs, the down-firing subwoofer with 4” driver gives you deep, full bass you can feel. Quickly adjust the bass up or down to your taste with a simple turn of the bass control knob on the back of the subwoofer.

Convenient control pod with headphone jack
The wired control pod with power on/off and volume adjustment keeps you in full command of your sound. A headphone jack is built in so you can listen to music in total privacy anytime.

Compact size, high-quality acoustics
With an Inclined design, each satellite speaker is angled up to direct detailed sound to your ears while also saving valuable desk space. Tested and tuned at the state-of-the-art Logitech research and development labs, the Z213 is engineered to the same standards that have made Logitech the #1 selling PC speakers brand worldwide.

Product highlights
Subwoofer with bass control knob
Power/volume control pod
Acoustically tuned satellite speakers
Connects to computers, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and game consoles with 3.5mm output
14W peak power (7W RMS)

  • It's cheap. Suitable for office use especially if sitting within limited space or cubicle. 
  • It's light weight & compact. Easy to move around. 
  • Adjustable bass and control pod for toggle off and on with volume control.
  • I was using it with Logitech Bluetooth adaptor which allows me to use my phone or tablet to connect. Ease of use!

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