25 July 2014

Review on UE Boom

Retailing at S$299 which is a bit pricey but considering it is water and stain resistant. Compact and durable Bluetooth speaker, as its name 360 degree suggested, project sound  in all directions and its very loud, well built for conference call in the office and at the same time, perfect for outdoor use too! It promised to last at least up to 15 hours of battery life. What's best is it can pair up to 2 devices at the same time!

Let's face it! It may not have the BEST sound in terms of quality but I can be pretty sure, it is most practical to have it around you when you are outdoor in a rugged environment, like camping, cycling, playing beach ball, picnic etc. Other speakers may not be able to withstand harsh weather and conditions. You can even clip to your belt loop on the little clasp with a carbiner clip. Remove the clip, you got a hole for a camera tripod, how about that?! 
Ok, when come to sound, this speaker is a winner when come to loudness! It sound spreads widely with a pretty strong clarity when listening to vocals. Especially when watching talk show on Youtube like "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" or "Jimmy Kimmel Live" , you will definitely enjoy throughout considering you can increase its loudness. One setback would be weak bass output, tried playing some EDM or Trance hits I listen to, it doesn't fail terribly but just not that kind of bass you enjoy.  

As mentioned earlier, its fantastic to use for conference call and the built-in mic relays your voice clearly to the other end and of course, again, you can hear them loud and clear! 

This guy is NFC enabled so you can just tap to hook up, else you can use conventional Bluetooth method to link. 

General Information about UE Boom
Wireless Protocol
Bluetooth 3.0
Wireless Range
Up to 50 feet or 15 meters
Connection Type (Audio Input)
Analog stereo (3.5mm), Bluetooth
Audio Controls
Power On/Off, Volume control, Bluetooth connect button
Indicator Lights (LED)
Power on (white) on power button, Bluetooth connect (blinking white)
Battery Details
Size: Proprietary
Quantity: 1
Type: Li-Ion
Battery Life
Recharge time: Estimated 2.5 hours
Discharge time: Up to 15 hours
Power Adapter
Yes (5.1v, 2A)
Cable Length (Power/Charging)
4 feet or 1.2 meters
Microphone Specifications
Microphone Type
Noise Canceling
Frequency Response
200 Hz to 3.2 kHz
-36.0dB V/Pa (+/-3dB) @1kHz
Product Dimensions
Product component
69 mm (2.7 inch)
180 mm (7.1 inch)
540 g (19 ounce)

24 July 2014

Review on Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z213

If you are looking for super budget desktop speakers yet not inferior sound quality with a decent base for your office use, you come to the right place! Logitech Multimedia Speakers is a light weight sound system that cost less than S$50. To be exact, it's just S$39.90.

Let's head straight to the product description:

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z213
Full Bass, compact design. Add a richer, deeper sound experience to YouTube videos, streaming movies, your favorite music and games. Compact satellite speakers deliver excellent sound quality yet fit easily on a desk, bookshelf or TV cabinet. The subwoofer pumps out deep bass that’s easy to adjust to your liking. Whether you want better, fuller sound for your PC, Mac or the music on your smartphone, this stereo speaker system makes great audio plug-and-play easy.

Rich, full bass
From explosive movie tracks to the driving beats behind your favorite songs, the down-firing subwoofer with 4” driver gives you deep, full bass you can feel. Quickly adjust the bass up or down to your taste with a simple turn of the bass control knob on the back of the subwoofer.

Convenient control pod with headphone jack
The wired control pod with power on/off and volume adjustment keeps you in full command of your sound. A headphone jack is built in so you can listen to music in total privacy anytime.

Compact size, high-quality acoustics
With an Inclined design, each satellite speaker is angled up to direct detailed sound to your ears while also saving valuable desk space. Tested and tuned at the state-of-the-art Logitech research and development labs, the Z213 is engineered to the same standards that have made Logitech the #1 selling PC speakers brand worldwide.

Product highlights
Subwoofer with bass control knob
Power/volume control pod
Acoustically tuned satellite speakers
Connects to computers, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and game consoles with 3.5mm output
14W peak power (7W RMS)

  • It's cheap. Suitable for office use especially if sitting within limited space or cubicle. 
  • It's light weight & compact. Easy to move around. 
  • Adjustable bass and control pod for toggle off and on with volume control.
  • I was using it with Logitech Bluetooth adaptor which allows me to use my phone or tablet to connect. Ease of use!

23 July 2014

Windows Update Error Code 80070308 Solution

First of all, I must say I am not responsible for any damage done to your system as a result of this proposed solution I discovered when solving this problem I encountered as IT Support Engineer. You must do your own back up in any case!

I had tried many solutions I can Google and only this one works for me, so here it is:

1. Assuming you are using Windows 7 or if you are using Windows 8, please make sure you select the correct operating system on the top right hand corner.


2. If above doesn't work, try deleting or rename "SoftwareDistribution" folder found in your Windows Directory. For eg. "C:\Windows" (You may need do that in the Safe Mode)

3. Final step if still doesn't work, follow below steps:

1. Open Regedit
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Components
3. Delete or rename REG_DWORD "pendingrequired=1"
4. Done! Try doing Microsoft Updates again...

Let me know if it works or encounter issues...

04 July 2014

Review on HTC One (M8) . Best Android Phone in 2014?

HTC had a multi-award winning phone on their hands with the original HTC One last year. So the though on my mind (and I'm sure many others, was just how would they manage to improve on it in 2014's successor??!?). With the HTC One M8, HTC sure has done not only that, but they have really set the bar even higher than ever!

I loved the metal finish on my HTC One M7 and when I unboxed the HTC One M8, I was astounded at the wraparound metal back (90% metal!! Wow!) and the curve and finish (on the Gunmetal Grey) was something that just felt so good and "right" in my hand when I held it, so much so that I didn't want to put it down! The finish and texture on the Gunmetal grey is superb! Obviously lots of thought and effort in getting the tactile feel down, just right!

Overall, I think this device is a winner, superb build and quality, screen is top notch, no lag when using it, Sense 6 is really upping the game with the tweaks and improvements, and though I'd personally wished for a slightly larger battery in the M8 (2800-3000mAh would've been superb) the improvements in terms of power usage and battery management, means that it last quite a bit better than its predecessor in my own heavy usage.

As a photographer, the camera on my device is important for making photos when I don't have my other cameras on me. The Ultrapixel camera on the HTC One M8 with the Duocamera setup goes some way to improve on the critiques of its predecessor.

The Ultrapixel camera definitely make a difference in lowlight and indoor scenes, while the increased data in the files from the depth sensor is telling in not only better photo files and coupled with the interesting features in the stock photo editor like uFocus, Foregrounder and so on, lets the average user get creative with their photos for sharing on social networks. In that respect, the camera is more than sufficient for social sharing, the details in files is sufficient and slight cropping is still acceptable, though given that the camera is still only 4 megapixels, heavy cropping isn't recommended, of course.

Lovely device, I wish everyone out there would get one, and realise what they've been missing when they experience the HTC One M8 firsthand for themselves!

- Eugene Cornelius

Below are some shots taken with HTC One M8

Reproduced with Permission : http://reviews.htc.com/4111/htc-one-m8_us/htc-one-m8-reviews/reviews.htm?reviewID=94530499

Check out this video by Pocket Now (Jaime Rivera)
Why I ditched the iPhone 5s for an HTC One (M8) 

03 July 2014

"Your system does not appear to have Intel Rapid Start Technology enabled" Error Message

You got this irritating pop up everytime you start your laptop? Fret not, this solution maybe able to help!

How to enable Intel Rapid Start Technology?

This method works so far for my Dell Vostro 3460 loaded with Windows 7.

You may try the solution I found online when I was solving my issue with the pop up:
  • First open cmd.exe and type in "diskpart"
  • At the DISKPART> prompt, type the following commands, in the order shown:
  • DISKPART>list disk
  • DISKPART>select disk X
(X is the disk number where you want to create the store partition. Refer to results from “list disk”
for exact disk number. Disk must be an SSD)

  • DISKPART>clean
  • DISKPART>create partition primary size=xxxx (depending on your size available listed, for eg 8191)
  • DISKPART>detail disk
  • DISKPART> select Volume Z
(Z is Volume of your store partition. Refer to results from “detail disk” for exact volume number)
  • DISKPART>set id=84 override
(The id must be set to 84)

Voila! Now there is no longer pop-ups when starting your computer. I hope!