10 January 2014

How to upgrade your BlackBerry 10 devices to OS 10.2.1? (

It has been quite awhile since I last blog about BlackBerry and now I am going to share with you guys how you can install apps like Instagram like a native app for Android Smartphones... no need to sideload your apps anymore except for one app which is Snap aka "Google Play for BlackBerry". All thanks to some of helpful CrackBerry users which is why I can enjoy latest leaked OS loaded with new features. 

Before I continue, I must say that below recommendations or steps are done at your own risk and I am not responsible for any damages or even render your BlackBerry 10 devices useless... Note, below is not official OS!!! 

Here are full OS autoloaders for all devices except the Z10 STL100-1 variant.

Z10: https://mega.co.nz/#!EkR3RQ4I!DLYEHVen_XCLqDInvT11f2q6l-xFHFN72Mm3T4JiUBE
https://mega.co.nz/#!VkhRXSrL!8cpeBgyDmL1UU_6B-ht3POqd3aFT4yMXu88uP3QRyqE  (

Z30: https://mega.co.nz/#!A1ImTRbY!G4JnMG19JsIroNcPolEZkWFLGa4THcYuasDbMpGJHCg

Q10 & Q5 : https://mega.co.nz/#!sshmwDgK!ZhXNmRsiA_qicEi8R6_gaUyGDtwCfygNtiaY3kstJHQ

After you complete downloading it for your respective device, extract it, connect your BB10 device (after backing up your data) and run the autoloader. If you have set password, you will need to key in your password to proceed. It will reboot your device and start loading the OS to your device. It will take a couple of minutes, not more than 10 minutes.

Once complete, it will start to boot up and autoloader will auto close. Run the set up as per normal as if you are setting up your BB10 device for the 1st time.

Next, you need to sideload Snap (Version using Google Chrome extension : BB10 / PlayBook App Manager OR you can go to the browser on your BlackBerry, go to http://apktrain.com

Steps below to sideload SNAP:
  • Installation for Google Chrome / Chromium


    1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Chrome Extension. (Minimum Chrome Version: 18.0)
    2. On the popup page, fill in the hostname/IP of your BB10 / PlayBook, and follow the instructions on that page.
    • Easy setup.
    • Better integration with the browser and thus more flexibility.
    • It will get auto updated when a new version is released.
    • You have to click Proceed Anyway on the SSL certificate error page for the first use each time the browser starts. Although Chrome has an "--ignore-certificate-errors" switch, it's not recommended to use.
Once you sideloaded Snap, sign in using your Google Play account and start downloading Android app to your BlackBerry 10 device. For each "Download", you will need to click "Install" in order to complete the process. Try it first with Instagram and enjoy! You will also be able to download "Updates" whenever it is released in Google Play store.
What's the big deal of 10.2.1?