26 December 2013

Smart Control by LG

Very often, we watched many Sci-Fi movies and got ourselves inspired, wishing those technologies are available in practical use. "Seeing is believing". As much as what we can see it in our minds eyes, it does stir many Research & Development in various Electronics companies to make it into reality. Indeed, we are now living in a world where many advanced technologies in movies, now a reality.

"LG: Easy to Use, Easy to Connect & Easy to Connect"
are not mere words. LG really made electronics hardware easy for consumers to use without much hassle to learn difficult steps to make it work for them on a daily basis.

In the recent event I attended organised by LG in conjunction to their newly launched product "LG G Flex" here in Singapore, I am impressed with their mission to continually converging, bringing the needs of their customers and technology together to transform the way their users live, work and play.

LG’s brand slogan “Life’s Good” conveys a message that we are focus in enriching customers’ lives with our products and services. Over the years we have observed customers’ habits and design products that satisfy and keep up with their lifestyle. The modern and hectic lifestyle has made us more reliant on electronic gadgets, hence LG designed mobile communication products that will not only satisfy customer’s needs while on the move but also the interconnectivity within the gadget eco-system. We have incorporated Smart features within our TV and mobile phones such as NFC Tag On, Smart Share, Miracast and WiDi to harness technology to improve the way our customers can engage with their devices.   

Scott Jung, Managing Director, LG Electronics Singapore.

LG's Magic Remote
Earlier this year CES, LG's one of the obvious cool thing is using voice to search for content for your Smart TV instead of using screen keyboard or those pathetic number pads/keyboards to do your search. The redesigned Magic Remote device adopts enhanced language recognition capabilities that makes executing commands simple, natural, interactive and conversational thus complementing other control options -- voice, gesture, point and wheel. Together with the free LG TV Remote App for Android and iOS devices, smartphones and tablets can be used to control LG Smart TVs via a Wireless connection. Below video show just that, other than the remote used in the video presentation is outdated.

12 December 2013

First Impression: LG G Flex (Singapore)

 Frontal view of this LG G Flex may not differ from other smartphones but once you tilt it to the side, or when you put it flat down on the table, you will notice the slight curve. LG boast this G Flex is first ever curve/flexi smartphone in the market and World First flexible non-removable battery with 3,500 mAh. It is loaded with Android 4.2.2 which I hope by early next year they should get hold of Kit Kat (4.4). The Snapdragon 800 processor achieved 40% better performance than its predecessor Snapdragon 600 processor. 

Let's cut to the case, refer below for the specs:

Here it is, the world's first smartphone that is curved both in the inside and out with the first curved display and battery.

Why Curve?

The arc of the LG G Flex is said to be optimized for the shape of our faces and deliver improved audio quality, louder by 3 decibels, as compared to a normal straight phone. It offers a more reassuring grip, look more natural when talking with it and comfortable when pocketing it at the back of my jeans. With the large 6 inch plastic OLED display, imagine watching a movie in the theater screen usually designed with a curve and bring it now closer to your face. LG hope to bring the same effect of cinematic-like immersive viewing experience, very good for those of us watching Drama or Movies in it. 

Most durable?

I must say I am impressed with its capability to "self healing" when it suffered scratches by coins or keys in your pocket. LG used an elastic self healing coating on the surface of the black cover of the LG G Flex. Even if you happen to drop your phone, as compared to a conventional smartphones, the damage is minimize. Watch below to understand what I mean....


Of course! In a real world environment, you don't use a knife to scratch the surface, don't be crazy! 
At most, you sit on it or use hand to apply certain amount of pressure, it is still able to withstand and not give way. Try doing it on other normal straight phone, you might experience undesirable outcome. 

You can turn on the device either by pressing the "Power button on the Rear Key"
Overall, I'm kind of like the grip of the phone when typing it on the touch screen keyboard and watching video with it. However, I am not able to comment much about the battery life on a normal usage but I assume it should last you for one full day or more. LG sure is not loosing out in the competition where every technological companies out there are trying to outsmart each other. LG may already working on a smartphone that can bend totally or fold-able OLED?

The LG G Flex is currently available for pre-order from SingTel, StarHub and M1. It will also be available from 21st December, at a recommended retail price of S$1088. If I am able to find a cheaper price, I will post it here!