22 August 2013

Evernote offering FREE 1 year Premium Subscription to StarHub Mobile Customers

Good news for those of us using Evernote and to existing or potential StarHub Mobile customers, they will be offering free 1 year Evernote Premium Subscription (valued at S$58) and for those of you already a Premium subscriber, it will top up your existing subscription with additional one year for FREE! 

To begin, please proceed to here: http://evernote.starhub.com/evernote/

Read below for their press release:

Evernote pursues growth in Southeast Asia beginning with StarHub

Strategic partnership fuels Evernote’s global expansion efforts

Singapore, 22 August 2013 – Evernote, the company helping people to remember everything, announces plans to expand its footprint in Asia-Pacific, especially in Southeast Asia, where users have grown to more than two million. As a first step, Evernote is strategically partnering Singapore info-communications provider StarHub, to kick-start the discovery of new areas of growth between two companies.

Through this collaboration, Evernote and StarHub will offer a complimentary one-year Evernote Premium subscription (valued at S$58) to all re-contracting and new StarHub Mobile post-paid customers. As an added benefit, these customers will enjoy a partner-exclusive feature, video notes, which allows them to shoot and upload videos quickly and easily, all within the Evernote app. The offer begins today and is valid till 21 August 2014. Eligible customers who are Evernote Premium users can make use of this offer to extend their subscription by an additional year.

Of Evernote’s existing 66 million users worldwide, over 400,000 are based in Singapore, making Singapore one of Evernote’s most successful markets in terms of market penetration. In Singapore, StarHub has a mobile customer base of 2.249 million in total.

“StarHub is one of most innovative telcos in the region, and we are thrilled to enter this partnership with them,” said Mr Ken Gullicksen, Chief Operating Officer, Evernote. “By giving subscribers the ability to ubiquitously capture, access, and discover everything that’s important to them, this partnership will chart the course for evolving mobile experiences for a new generation of consumers in Singapore. Southeast Asia is highly important for us, especially with the explosive growth in the online population here that has overtaken the rest of the world.”

Ken Gullicksen, Chief Operating Officer, Evernote

“Recognising that tech-savvy consumers rely heavily on digital services to stay organised on-the-go, we are pleased to partner Evernote, offering our customers a powerful platform to easily maintain round-the-clock access to their memories. We believe this collaboration with Evernote will create many opportunities for us to bring greater value to our customers in innovative ways,” said Mr Stephen Lee, Head of i3 (Innovation, Investment, Incubation), StarHub. “In order to grow our business successfully, we will continue to forge strategic partnerships with market-leading companies, including innovative over-the-top players, which matter to us and our customers.”

Evernote users can take notes, clip websites, snap articles, create to-do lists and record audio across their mobile devices and computers. Evernote Premium users will enjoy a higher upload storage capacity, faster and more robust note search, offline availability of their notes and more note sharing options. Notably, they will have full access to the premium features in Evernote’s family of products, including Evernote Food, Evernote Hello, Skitch and Penultimate.

Watch what Evernote is offering with its new version 5

11 August 2013

Review on Logitech UE 9000

Tired of your ear phone cables getting entangled? 

You travel on a public transport or walking a distance and you want to look cool without cables messing your listening pleasure when you need to take stuff from your backpack? 

You go gym and you want to have the ease of use for listening intense music without wires running round your body, therefore disrupting your workout. You want to eliminate the cable noise when running on thread mills or using elliptical trainer or cross-trainer? 

Portable Bluetooth headphone is the way to go! 

Fortunately, I have the privilege to use Logitech UE9000 which not only help me get rid of the wires snaking around me or taking sometime off just to get the wires untangled.  It offer high quality of sound production especially when comes to bass and yet not losing the clarity as some headphones I had tried, usually sound muffled. Not this baby, UE9000! 

I am one sucker for movie soundtracks and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or specifically Progressive Uplifting Trance music. UE 9000 provides me eargasm I experience each time I cover my ears with such headphone! I pay a lot of attention when comes to bass, even my car is installed with a Sub-Woofer which tells you alot about me. Yet, bass without loosing the clarity or the acoustic is what UE9000 had given me. After testing a few ear phones and headphones including Beats, even my colleague who is a female sound crew praise this headphone! 

"I like it because it is Bluetooth but it is a little heavy and seems to design more for guys. The bass alone sound is good 'cause it is strong and clear, not muffled. Probably the high (treble) can be improved" - Alicia Leo

It is designed with a noise-isolating, cutting off distractions which allows you to truly enjoy the sound of music! 

I do not need to change batteries like how I need to do for other amplified headphones.Supposedly, it is able to last for like 10 hours and I just need to connect to any micro-USB cable to any wall outlets or your laptop to charge. 

It has the ability to mute the headphone sound and enhance the external sound to my headphone if someone wants to speak to me. Needless to say, it has internal microphones for hands-free phone calls too. 

In terms of design, like what my colleague said, it is heavy but yet the built is geared towards appealing guys and even DJs as you can rotate the joints sideways and it is flexi-fit, adjusting to the size of your head easily. Simply like their soft plush memory foam cushions which doesn't get hot round my ears too easily which most headphone I tried do get hot after like 10 mins of using it. This one make you feel comfortable to put on if you listen to it for hours especially when you watch movie with it. 

Inside the box, you will find cable with on-cord mic and controls, just like what the headphone itself offers. USB charging cable and AC Adapter. It also comes with 1/4 inch adapter jack as well. Carrying case that contains all these stuffs. 

The only set back will be the pricing (RP S$599) but however, you won't be disappointed with the quality of sound it gives you! With 2 years warranty, it should provide certain sense of security. 

03 August 2013

BlackBerry Q5 Now Available in Singapore (Black & White only)

BlackBerry Q5 is now available across all 3 telcos in Singapore, namely Singtel, M1 and Starhub... so far I only manage to get the pricing from Singtel Online Shop:

For those of you are who are willing to buy it without contract, the cheapest so far I found is $450. 

Kasia Mobile
Suntec City Mall Tower 5
#02-001Q Kasia Mobile
Red Color Shop