11 July 2013

Lost your iPhone or iPad? Before this happens, set it up!

Hands UP to those of you who think you will never lose your iPad or iPhone!!!

You are not sure when it will happen to you and sometimes, it is better be prepared than to be caught off guard. Fact of the matter is, we do forget things, we do forget we left our iPad or iPhone in a public toilet, in a restaurant, in the cab or worst, stolen! You will be surprise how some owners do not know there is this feature that can track your missing iPhone or iPad, send a message, secure it with password, play a sound or kind of alarm or the last resort, in order to protect your data, you can choose to wipe clean your iPhone or iPad when determine irrecoverable and render useless when you set your password.

Personally, I had a actual account of someone's lost iPad returned simply because I use "Find My iPhone".

Setting up "Find My iPhone"

Go to your iPhone/iPad, click Settings.

Select iCloud.

Make sure "Find My iPhone" is activated.

Next, is to test your set up is done properly.

Go to www.icloud.com . Enter your Apple ID. Your email address and your password.

Click Find My iPhone. You may be prompt to enter your password again.

From here, it will tell you the location. Click the location which is the green ball, it will pop up the name of your iPhone or iPad. If your iPhone or iPad is still running, it will indicate how long ago it was located.

Click "i" to pop up the feature.

As mentioned previously, here you can play sound to alarm the device, if you misplace it, you can use this feature to locate within your vicinity. If lost or stolen, this will let the person who "pick" up know you are locating it.

Click Lock to enter a password aka passcode to lock down your iPhone or iPad. Key in twice to confirm.

Here you enter the message and your contact number. Hopefully, the person who found it will call you and return. Click "Lock" to proceed. There may be an option call "Lost" mode for you to activate depending on your iPad/iPhone generation.

If there is no response and you are very certain that there is no way to recover it, last resort, to protect your personal data or your company confidential information like emails and all, click "Erase iPad/iPhone"!

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