18 July 2013

Damn Nice Scissors Cut Curry Rice

For the past one week since its opening, I have frequented this stall 4 times and I still want to go back for more. Considering its value and quality, it's simply the best and makes me feel like I am eating my Mum's cooking or better! I forgot how many orders I have help packed for my colleagues in the office and I am pretty sure, it is more than 15.

To cut to the chase, I did an interview with Dan Koh, the boss of "Damn Nice Scissors Cut Curry Rice" and this is what he had to say... 

What inspired you to set up a Scissors Cut Curry Rice stall right at Chinatown where competition is so strong?

We wanted a location that is central and bustling with activities, Chinatown is the perfect location for us. When your food is good, people will come. (especially Singaporeans)

What's with the name and logo? How did you arrive at such a name? Did you design the logo yourself?

We wanted a name that stands out from the rest, something out of the norm, something that best describes our food. The logo is inspired by the Superman logo and the thumbs up in Chinese means "超好"which means super good. Why damn good? Some would say that it is crude, rude,  and damn by itself is rude but what we are focusing on is the 2 words "damn+nice" which describes our food... The overall look of our food may be a little messy (crude, rude) but when you taste it, you will acknowledge that it is not just good, but it is damn good!

We heard from you that you bid very high for this stall. It must be really very important for you to get this spot. 

Our rent is the highest in the "green zone" in Chinatown complex. The eating area is separated into various zones such as red, yellow, blue and green. We wanted to get started as soon as possible despite the rent being high; we believe we will do ok.

So only your mum is doing the cooking, what's her experience like? For many years? How has business been one week into operation? 

My mum started working from the age of 13 as a construction worker. At the age of 16 she started working as a domestic helper for several households, where she picked up skills by looking at how people cooked. So far we have been getting very good response from customers and I believe this is no mere hype.

If you can select one must-try item from your stall, what will it be? Why?

It would be the ngoh hiang hand-made by my mum herself, and because it is hand-made, it tastes really good. We are becoming famous because of our ngoh hiang now. It is becoming a big hit here in Chinatown.

Why should customers keep coming back to your stall? What's the difference with other scissors cut curry rice competitors? 

There are many people selling curry rice out there. We are different because our food tastes different- it is our own taste. We do not need to compare ourselves with others. All we want is to produce honest, good food for our customers and have them come back for more.

Any plans to set up other branches? 

No plans for now. We will concentrate on one for now and win the hearts of our customers.

To follow the updates, please visit: 

335 Smith Street #02-052 (Green Zone) Singapore 050335
(Close on Monday)

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