18 June 2013

How to read your webpage like a book using BlackBerry 10?

One feature not very much talk about for BlackBerry 10 is the ability to view write-up on a webpage which is filled with Ads, special effects and pictures not related to the subject you are reading. Without the need to zoom in to your content, you can activate this feature "Reader" under your Browser Settings in your BlackBerry 10 devices (such as Z10, Q10 and Q5)

Say above is the webpage you want to read which is word intensive, to utilize the Reader function, tap on the bottom right corner. 

 Tap "Reader" as shown above.

 You can also adjust your content to your desired Font size for comfortable reading mode.

It will show pictures which the writer intended for the article written. 

The above feature sure make your browsing on BlackBerry 10 devices more enjoyable and bearable as compared to reading it on your tablet or PC. 

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