04 June 2013

How to install Instagram on your BlackBerry 10 devices? Z10, Q10 & Q5 (Updated with Version 4.1.2)

Updated on 10th Jan 2014http://www.petrasite.asia/2014/01/how-to-upgrade-your-blackberry-10.html
Above method no need to sideload Instagram.bar, just download Instagram.apk and install it!

Below is older post!

(Updated on 5th Nov 2013)

Recent release of new leaked OS only require you to sideload version 4.1.2 and comment issue is fixed! 


You can also hide the bar below Instagram as well.

There is already a third party app for BlackBerry 10 OS for Instagram:


Sideload the bar file into your BB10 and it will work like native Instagram. 

For more info on iGrann, please visit: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-10-apps-f274/igrann-first-full-native-instagram-client-blackberry-10-a-855121/#post9252432

Below instruction may or may not work for you depending on your OS you are using.

To get started, you will need to uninstall whatever version of Instagram in your current BB 10 device.

Using 10.2? And you want to use v4.1.2? Scroll below! 

You will need to have  Instagram bar version 4.1.2 and the previous working Instagram version bar.

Click the link above to download these two bars.

1. Sideload the previous working version It will prompt you to sign in but that is the old version. Don't sign in but close it.

2. Sideload Instagram v4.1.2 and open it, it will prompt you to sign in and voila, it works! Note it will only allow you to view the video post but not able to post video Instagram. Do not delete any icon but rather put one of it at another folder.

Alternate Method for Advanced User:

There is another tedious way without having to load 2 different version of Instagram App in your BlackBerry and that is to go through a process of converting Android Native App 2.3.3 APK to BlackBerry BAR.

Follow the instruction as described:

Updates (11th Aug 2013)

Link to download Instagram 4.1.2

Review on v 4.1.2

It seems to be little more responsive than 4.0.2 although still the problem exist, cannot comment properly unless you use Apex Launcher and use Google Keyboard. Inability to upload video still an issue.

If you notice, there is one additional back button bar at the bottom of Instagram.  Not good for Q10 and Q5 users.


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