13 May 2013

How to sideload Android App to BlackBerry 10 devices? Like Z10, Q10 & Q5

Before we talk about Sideloading Android App to either your BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 devices, I want to share with you how you can get the latest Android App from Google Play Store. Of course, this is provided you are willing to test if it work on your BB 10 devices and sometimes, while you convert apk to bar, someone might already had done that and feedback if the app is working or not.
There are a couple of website you can refer to download the already converted apps and sideload directly to  your BB 10 devices. Click below to proceed to these sites:

1. Good E Reader

2. BlackBerry 10 Bars

3. BB 10 and Playbook Apps

I will update above list of sites once I discover them.


First of all, you are advised to use Google Chrome for this operation, click the link or picture below to download the extension necessary to extract APK to your computer. Follow the Instruction as described by the website. 

It will be easier if you have an Android phone, if not you can download BlueStacks which is a simulator, GSF ID and Device ID is required in order for this extension to work.

You can download this app for your Android phone or BlueStacks to retrieve these ID:

Once you get the extension (APK Downloader) working, you can click the icon located at the end of the address bar (URL) to download APK of your desired app from signed in Google Play Store. 



Here's how I do it with BlueStacks, a little different but the same principal more or less.

1) Download the app APK Share.

2) Use APK Share to backup the app you want, it'll save to the "SD Card"

3) Download ES File explorer. Use it to locate the backed up application, and then share it to you Cloud account (Box, Dropbox, etc). This sharing functionality is built into the app itself.

4) Download the App APK from your Cloud account to your computer.


Good E Reader had recently just released a tutorial on how to that which is pretty straight forward. Simply uploading the APK to the site, go through conversion, after awhile, once successful there will be one "Download Bar" icon for you to click. You can watch the video below:

Site to go to convert APK to BAR http://apps.goodereader.com/apk-2-bar/

Alternatively, you can head down to another link to try it as well. You will noticed others had also uploaded their APK and you can view the votings on your converted BAR whether it works or not.



CrackBerry already done an article to describe the steps to do so.

For convenience sake, I just get it up here for you.

Step 1 - Install the Chrome extension
Head to the Chrome Web Store and search PlayBook App Manager.

Once you find the extension install it into Chrome. After it installs it will open a page in Chrome -- bookmark it.

Step 2 - Development Mode
Put your BlackBerry into development mode (Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode).

Note the device IP and enter it into the field on the page you bookmarked. If you have more than one device you can enter multiple IP addresses.

Step 3 - Connect your device
Connect your device to your computer. Once recognized, click the IP address listed under Manage Your Device on the page.

If you receive an SSL error in Chrome click Proceed Anyway (you'll be fine, trust us)

Step 4 - Login to the PlayBook App Manager
On the next page, enter your device password then click login.

Step 5 - Choose apps to install
Next you'll see App Manager console. You should already have downloaded some bar files for apps you are going to install.

From here you can simple drag & drop one or more bar files you want to install on your device.

Once complete you'll see a message on the left telling you if the install was successful.

When you're done simply disconnect your device and you're good to go!

If you think this post had helped you, please share this to help others else well. Thanks!

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