09 May 2013

BlackBerry Q10 Launch Event at Singapore

Although recently I got my hand on BlackBerry Z10 and using it for almost a week, nothing beats using a qwerty keyboard BlackBerry to compose a message which I did today, during the soft launch for BlackBerry Q10 here in Singapore. Typing on Q10 was so much faster and accurate! Don't get me wrong, using Z10 with its predictive and auto-correct is one reason why I don't mind using touch screen keyboard. I won't talk so much about Z10 experience here but will do so the next post.

Having said that, this amazing physical keyboard loaded with the fastest BlackBerry 10 OS to date enhances the experience. This brought me back to the reason why I stick to BB 9900 inspite of the "whole" world migrating to greener pastures. Even now, while I am writing this post, I am at the same time sideloading Android app for my Z10, this app require me to login my username and password, I accidentally press "Enter" key before I finish keying in my username. How frustrating!!! But that won't happen with the physical keyboard!

In my previous post, I already mentioned about the hardware specs. One thing I do want to talk about however is the ability to write chinese characters (chinese handwriting) on the touch screen for both Q10 and Z10, to me that is amazing. I got my colleague to try on his Android smartphone, can do the same thing but confined to the limited space. For BB Z10 and Q10, it is the whole screen. To type English again, simply tap the drop down arrow to continue normal typing in English. This is something the previous OS can't do, as far as I am concerned.

Z10 or Q10???

Other features like the usual keyboard shortcuts "T" for going back to the top and "B" for going down to the bottom of the screen when browsing, reading emails etc... something that Z10 don't have is the ability to leverage on the keyboard Action shortcuts on Home screen, like type "fb blah blah" for your status update. Type "Email someone's name" and enter will straight away you can go straight to composing your email with the stated recipient. Another update 10.1 has brought in is including HDR mode in the camera.

In Malaysia, Celcom Malaysia will launch slightly earlier, 15th May but for Singapore, it will be before end of May. It will be available in both black and white.

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