02 April 2013

How to download Youtube video and save it in your PC?

Before I continue, watch this from Youtube:

By now, you should know this is April Fool's prank done by Youtube

Seriously, what if you want to archive those videos you like, like music videos, interviews or even short movie clips? How about watching Youtube video offline? Meaning to watch them on your smartphones or tablets without actually connected to Internet? Like me, I would put those video I got from Fitness website on some exercise routines or weight training sequences into my BlackBerry 9900.


Click the link below and download the free software:

You can even convert Youtube video to MP3 if you only need the audio track.

This website offer other great tools which you can check it out but please bear in mind, when you install, be careful when you install and make sure you don't select the option to download "other" software not needed.

Do note that the step below may differ depending on when you install this free software.

Else,  you can follow the steps below:

1. Select your desired language for set up. I select English in this case.

2. Click Next to proceed with the installation.

3. Read the License Agreement and select "I accept the agreement"

4. Check the installation path and click "Next"

 5. Select Custom installation (advanced) and unchecked all 3. By click the first will unchecked all. Click Next.

6. Uncheck to not install DriverScanner 2013. Click next.

7. Select your desired custom options, for me I deselect all. Click Next.


 8. You are ready to install. Click "Install" to proceed. Click Finish to complete. It will open one tab or browser. You can just close it without viewing. From there you can paste the link and start downloading.

Disclaimer: Please install this software at your own risk and I am not responsible for any malfunction of your laptop. But if you would to read carefully my instruction, it should work fine. =)

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