18 April 2013

My Car Air Con repair

Air conditioning is so much part of our lives here in Singapore and for me, they "died" on me twice on 2 separate locations"". One is my car and the other is my bedroom. What are the possibility of such to happen to anyone?! 

Anyway, after consulting my sister and reading Nissan Latio Forum, I went to Ang Mo Kio AutoPoint, 2nd floor Unit 15 (#02-15). The technician checked and found out that my cooling coil is leaking based on the symptoms I mentioned to him. In one year, I had top up gas for my AC for me car twice and the last time I did was just 2 months ago. There were smell and hissing sound which can be heard inside the car. I would have to replace my compressor if the symptoms include intermittent air conditioning cut during driving or when stationery.  

Damage:  $455 in total. (Replacing Cooling coil & labour - $430, Air Con filter - $25) 

Above: My Air Con Filter

Below: My Cooling coil, 2nd picture show the green substance which is the gas leaked.

Below: Car Engineer Teo working on my car 

The Workshop: Contact person is Kelvin

Kelvin used to work in Tan Chong as an engineer therefore more specialized with Nissan cars. 

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