22 March 2013

How to improve fuel efficiency for your car?

Below is one of the blog entry I written quite few years back and mostly still relevant, tell me what you guys think or anymore to add on? Some of the points are debatable:

1. Say No to 2500RPM...
2. Cruise at 85km/h
3. Minimize city roads or traffic lights
4. Minimize short trips
5. Minimize travelling in the day
6. Minimize usuage of air con
7. Reduce Air con to 27
8. Drive windows down
9. Remove additional weight
10. Use Esso avoid Vpower
11. Get wheel properly balanced
12. Minimize or avoid performance mods
13. Avoid ICE (In-Car Entertainment)
14. Avoid adding sports pedals to ur pedals
15. Rid spare tyres
16. Avoid adding unnecessary or lousy designed body kits
17. Adding 5% more pressure to tyre
18. Travel on lane 2
19. Pump petrol only at night
20. Pump petrol slowly
21. Avoid using bigger than 16inch rims
22. Avoid using tyre profile > 195
23. Avoid parking at multi storey carpark
24. Off engine when waiting people more than 5mins
25. Slowly cruise when reaching red light
26. Look further
27. Avoid travelling behind sports car
28. Avoid not using the car for more than 2 days
29. Reduce rate of braking
30. Avoid roads with humps
31. Avoid using GPS or mobile phone when driving
32. Avoid wearing boots or thick sole shoes when driving
33. Avoid peak hours travelling
34. Avoid listening to rock or heavy metal music or dance music when driving
35. Use uber good engine oil
36. Do regular servicing
37. Do servicing on weekdays
38. Use stock air filter
39. Lose some weight

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