30 March 2013

(Updated) Tim Ho Wan (添好運點心), here in Singapore

The days of eating authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum is drawing near..

Save this Date:

10 April 2013, Wednesday, 10am. 

(Updates: This outlet basically is ready to serve the members of public 'cause it is open for private events or even for food reviewers if I am not wrong. Hopefully, 10th April is just an official launch and open earlier then expected.)

Left: Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (酥皮叉烧包)
One sole delicacy you cannot miss when you go Hong Kong.

Now is coming to Singapore at Plaza Singapura:

68, Orchard Road #01-29A
Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839 

Opening Hours:
Daily 10am to 10pm. Seating Capacity: 80

It's a pity it is not operating at wee hours like 2 am, most Singaporean likes to eat at such ungodly hours, look at Swee Choon Dim Sum)

There will be more outlets like 6 of them opening here by end of this year!

Recommend Read:
http://www.ladyironchef.com/2013/04/tim-ho-wan-restaurant-singapore/ (Included on 10th Apr 2013)

26 March 2013

What is your ideal way of backing up?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I conducted a training on how to use CrashPlan since quite a number of my colleagues at the beginning of this year were entitled to yearly subscription provided by my department. I though it will be useful to you guys reading this post of mine, to evaluate together how to protect your data. In fact, just recently, I have one colleague who contacted me, stating her external hard disk showing signs of "death" as her laptop is not able to detect it. Bear in mind, her hard disk is only 1 year old.
I asked her, "Did you use CrashPlan to back up your data?"

"You mean I can use CrashPlan to back up my external hard disk???"  She said.

"Oh! You didn't attend my training!" I replied.

My point is... sometimes, Ignorance ain't bliss after all.

SO how did you back up your Windows PC or your Mac?

Windows PC and Mac do shipped in with their own backup software which I will not talk about. If you are doing it on a regular basis, like weekly, it should suffice. However, if you are still looking for a better solution or alternative, 2 things I want to share: Dropbox / Sugar Sync and of course! CrashPlan

At least for your working documents like Word, Excels, Powerpoint and PDFs should be stored in either of the accounts, they do have mobile apps available for all Smartphones like iPhone, Google Android & Blackberry too, even your tablets like Nexus 7 or iPad. Keeping them in sync is one of the best solution they offered. Most importantly they are free! With a minimum of 2.5GB or up to 5GB even. It is like your cloud thumb drive literally! You can access it even if you didn't bring your laptop with you and access these files via their respective website. This, is also a form of backup. Minimum! 

CrashPlan offers 1 month trial of Cloud Back Up, after which it will be deleted from their Cloud Server but you can still use other free features like backing it up to your External Hard Disk, back up to your friends PC or Mac, other PC or Mac you have at home etc. If you can afford to pay each month S$7.45 or yearly S$75 for unlimited storage plan . You may want to see what other pricing plan they offer or view it in US pricing: https://www.crashplan.com/consumer/store.vtl 

Let's talk about their features:
  • Automatic, set-it-and-forget-it backup. You set your backup schedule (nightly, weekly, by-the-minute) and CrashPlan takes care of the rest—you don't have to remember to back up once you've set it up.
  • Back up locally. You can back up to any computer on your network, or any connected external drive. Assuming your house didn't burn down, the local backup is the one you'll go to first. (Just keep in mind that the off-site backup needs to be there in the event of a more catastrophic loss, like fire or theft.
  • Unlimited file size.
  • Incremental backup means CrashPlan only backs up the bits of data that have changed in a file—which means it doesn't have to back up the entire file every time something changes. This makes a big difference when you've got limited upload bandwidth.
  • CrashPlan keeps your files forever. Even if you delete a file locally, if it's been backed up to CrashPlan, you can restore it at any time unless you'd prefer they don't.
  • You can restore a file at any time from the CrashPlan client or via their web app.
Below is a short video on how to go about downloading, installing and setting it up.

At the end of the day, protecting your data is your responsibility and it is not difficult to get it done... so please get it done TODAY!


1. When connecting to your external hard disk to back up using CrashPlan, ensure that you changed the mapped drive to other letters other than D or E drive. This is to prevent CrashPlan to "synchronised" your back up to say "D" drive whenever you connect your thumbdrive or your friend's External HDD to your laptop.

2. Encounter 2 instances where Mac unable to connect to CrashPlan Cloud after a few days. Go to Destination, select Cloud and click the option to remove archive backup. This action will re-established connection with CrashPlan Cloud backup and resynchronised.

(Updated 2/4/2013)

Warm Bodies (Spoiler Alert)

WARM BODIES is not your typical zombie movie you seen recently, be it "Resident Evil" or "Twilight" for that matter. It's looking at the world through the eyes of a zombie. Fresh is one word I will use on this movie, not something I had seen before, all the chasing, killing and infecting. Enough of that, period! This is definitely not intense as what I enjoyed too in "I am Legend" by Will Smith, but sure comical and romance. With all due respect to all Twilight fans out there, I rather watch this 3 times than to be caught dead watching Twilight movies in the theatre. 

You have to give the director the credit for making such an original and funny without laying too much cheese. Songs used sure bring back memories I used to listen when I was a teen! Not much special effects other than those "Bonies" aka Zombies with no point of return and aggressive. 

Only when I did a little more research on this film did I realize that "R" who is the male lead, is Romeo and of course, female counterpart is "Juliet" although she is "Julie" in the movie. Smart! But unlike the actual adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, this one got a good ending! In it, also mock of how humans communicate their feeling these days, though their smartphones. 

A little more in-depth, this movie is based on Isaac Marion's novel of the same name. Nicholas Hoult is R, previously boyfriend of recent female celebrity who won the Best Female Lead, Jennifer Lawrence. His narration in the movie is what makes this movie kick! Teresa Palmer is Julie, more known for her acts in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "I am Number Four". But she does kind of remind me of Alice Eve, the female lead of "She's Out of My League". 

For certain, it's the cleverest zombie-romance-comedy movie I had seen in recent times. If you can't catch it in the theatre, do find your means to catch it, somehow!

Oh! You want more? How about watching the first 4 minutes in the movie?

23 March 2013

No Push Email for BlackBerry 10?

Before I begin, as of this stage, I do not have BlackBerry Z10 although I managed to get my hands on it, play with it a few times, not because I don't want to get it but rather I am still under contract for 6 months. Technically, I will be able to renew it after 3 months at Starhub. I don't mind if someone bless me with one! I even attempted to enter into contest by CrackBerry.

Recently, someone referred me to read an article written by Straits Time and you can read it here, which inspired me to start write this post. The headline is so misleading, just because there's no need to subscribe to dedicated BlackBerry Plan aka BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) means there is no Push Mail?

Ditching BIS is one way to attract those who are currently using iPhone or Android phones, without paying additional sum of money to enjoy BlackBerry 10. Even for those who are still under contract like me and if I put my SIM card to BlackBerry Z10, it will still work. At least based on what I had observed and read from Crackberry website.

To clear it up, just as how iPhone or Android phones get their email, it will work the same for BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 which will be available worldwide in April 2013. As far as I know, BlackBerry is first foremost, a Messaging company and always strive to bring quality messaging services to their customer. Any structure or system that compromise that just don't make sense. Email will and still be delivered to BlackBerry 10 devices round the clock. One famous feature BlackBerry possessed is their LED notification whenever there's email or SMSes, this feature is still there. BlackBerry Peek allow the user to gesture and peek what is that new email just arrived without exiting their Apps. Even if you are iPhone user, you can get your iCloud email, Calendar and Contacts on BlackBerry 10!

I had posted the Straits Time article to CrackBerry forum and got this reply:

"All my emails, gmail and work emails come through right away. I've tested this several times by sending an email from a computer to my email address, it's instant. "

One even post a screenshot of this option available for Push Mail:

I can be sure that this Technology Correspondent, Ms Irene Tham is not a Blackberry fan and I am not even surprised if she herself did not use the Blackberry Z10 at least for 2 weeks before you write a review.

I want to quote from CrackBerry recent post, "How the US media can review the Z10 without looking dumb."

"You have to realize that it’s a brand new operating system and platform. You’re not going to get a solid handle on it in one or two days. And you’re certainly not going to get a handle on it by using it as a secondary device during those one or two days.  That won’t cut it.  Many tech reviewers don’t even bother putting their SIM card in the new phone they're reviewing. They will use it on Wi-Fi only and stick to their main phone for actual work during the period they’re supposed to be reviewing the product. You know what that does?  It just makes you complain about how things are different on the Z10 versus whatever you’re using now." - Chris Umiastowski, CrackBerry Contributor

In closing, like to share a video by CrackBerry Founder who had an interview with BlackBerry CEO, check it out!!!

 To know more about the basic functionality of BlackBerry Z10, watch a few demos below:


Updated: 2/4/2013 5:20PM +8

22 March 2013

How to improve fuel efficiency for your car?

Below is one of the blog entry I written quite few years back and mostly still relevant, tell me what you guys think or anymore to add on? Some of the points are debatable:

1. Say No to 2500RPM...
2. Cruise at 85km/h
3. Minimize city roads or traffic lights
4. Minimize short trips
5. Minimize travelling in the day
6. Minimize usuage of air con
7. Reduce Air con to 27
8. Drive windows down
9. Remove additional weight
10. Use Esso avoid Vpower
11. Get wheel properly balanced
12. Minimize or avoid performance mods
13. Avoid ICE (In-Car Entertainment)
14. Avoid adding sports pedals to ur pedals
15. Rid spare tyres
16. Avoid adding unnecessary or lousy designed body kits
17. Adding 5% more pressure to tyre
18. Travel on lane 2
19. Pump petrol only at night
20. Pump petrol slowly
21. Avoid using bigger than 16inch rims
22. Avoid using tyre profile > 195
23. Avoid parking at multi storey carpark
24. Off engine when waiting people more than 5mins
25. Slowly cruise when reaching red light
26. Look further
27. Avoid travelling behind sports car
28. Avoid not using the car for more than 2 days
29. Reduce rate of braking
30. Avoid roads with humps
31. Avoid using GPS or mobile phone when driving
32. Avoid wearing boots or thick sole shoes when driving
33. Avoid peak hours travelling
34. Avoid listening to rock or heavy metal music or dance music when driving
35. Use uber good engine oil
36. Do regular servicing
37. Do servicing on weekdays
38. Use stock air filter
39. Lose some weight

Google even cached my "closed down" blog

As I was preparing for my previous post on how to fix user profile issue, I attempted to find my previous blog again but this time, I googled my username and the subject of the blog entry I made on this solution as well. Guess what, I found it! Text is good enough for me...

I clicked "Cached" and selected "Text Only" as they are unable to load the full version obviously..... voilà! I got my text entries of my old closed down blog entries...

In another word, it is possible to trace whatever stuff that was previously available in world wide web unless some intervention made to remove cached content to Google perhaps.

"The User Profile Cannot Be Loaded" Error in Win Vista, Win 7 & Win 8. (Updated)

· Just like the first picture here, you are not able to login at all and stuck at Welcome Screen.
· It happen even after you login your own profile but in actual fact, Windows create a new profile with the similar name but your files gone missing. 

The above error is what I myself experienced and unfortunately, happened to some of my fellow colleagues and friends… be it Windows Vista or Windows 7, such issues happened after Windows Update or due to third party software that triggers. I do come to know Sony laptops with their sole propriety software could be one of the cause though not proven. Disabling them may prevent it from happening again. But there again, primarily it is a Window issue. This is the reason why I post this solution here after my previous blog was totally wiped out and did a little bit of research. I also have not come across this issue affecting Windows 8 although their registry structure is rather pretty similar but login is slightly different where you login via your Microsoft Accounts.

Before you continue, make sure you do your own proper back up and note that I am not responsible for any data lost... 

How to FIX?!

To begin, you need to login to Windows Desktop in order to carry out the solution, else you can boot into Safe Mode and use the Built-In Administrator account.

- To boot to safe mode, Press F8 when powering up your system.

As a precaution, it is highly recommended that you create a system restore point in case you make a mistake while in the registry. This way you will easily be able to do a system restore to undo your mistake.

1. Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

2. Click My Computer, select File -> Export to do a backup of the registry.

3. Locate the following registry subkey:


4. Under the ProfileList, you should be able to see SID (eg. S-1-5-21-117609710-1767777339-725345543-1003) while the other one is with .bak. 

5. If the one without .bak shows under ProfileImagePath as C:\Users\Temp, delete the SID (eg. S-1-5-21-117609710-1767777339-725345543-1003)

6. Remove the .bak from the other SID (eg. S-1-5-21-117609710-1767777339-725345543-1003.bak)

7. At Right Panel, under the ProfileImagePath, it should reflect (for eg. C:\Users\Simon Ng.)

9. Also, ensure the RefCount value is 0 and the State value is 0

It should work under normal circumstances...

Update: Not sure if this will affect Windows 10... 

21 March 2013

The Rise of BlackBerry?

Now that we are just about 1 or 2 days away from the launch of Blackberry Z10 in United States, coupled with the release of WhatsApp for BB10, in fact they just updated today... things are looking bright for BlackBerry!

Below is the Founder of CrackBerry and he is there, ready for the launch at NYC...

It is quite a rare thing now even in my office to still see people using BlackBerry, where many of them had abandoned ship either to iPhone or Samsung Note 2 or S3... as of now I yet to see anyone using Windows Phone 8! =p Currently with just 2 BlackBerry Z10 in office, will there be more? I for one, honestly would love to get one and tempted even to buy one without contract (Kasia Mobile selling for $790)... but sadly, I need to wait for another 3 more months before I am eligible to re-contract under Starhub. Yes, it is weird of me, a tech guy, will still remain faithful or plain stupid, subjecting myself to mockery by my own fellow colleage and still want to get BlackBerry device. I have no idea why but maybe I just want to be different? Not to be part of the iSheep or the domineering Samsung. or rather Google Android devices. Perhaps to me, it is down to what really matters, messaging, phone call, decent multi-media features like music player, video recording, camera and social media! Which I think BlackBerry are capable of doing just that. Of course! Android devices and iPhone can do better... but most of the users I know, used them to play time wasting games which I don't want to get myself into that situation.

Take for example. my recent Hong Kong trip, all those who went with me were busy playing their Candy Crush game while I myself just sitting or standing, looking at them. Haiz... =p

Well, I will not go into details why BlackBerry 10 are better in some ways or to say how some iPhone or Android users switch over to BBZ10... It has been reported that Z10 which has already been on sale in the United Kingdom for roughly seven weeks, two thirds of all Z10 customers were previous BlackBerry owners, while the other third was evenly split between people who’d owned an iPhone or Android phone.

BlackBerry, I admit, still got a long way to go to beat her competitors. As a matter of fact, they are struggling to be No.3!

I just hope, this is not the beginning of the end but rather of something better to come... for BlackBerry!

To end off, I would like to share what Frank Boulben, Chief of Marketing for BlackBerry said during his phone interview with Forbes.

"What does BlackBerry’s Z10 have that’s better? It’s all about the BB10 operating system, says Boulben. “It’s about multi-tasking and being always-in,” says Boulben. “You don’t have to be in and out of application and communication services, and you can navigate on your device with one thumb in a very seamless manner.”

BlackBerry’s new smartphone is a tool, not a toy, he adds, suggesting that BB10 features like Hub and BlackBerry Flow pose a new “paradigm” for smartphones, a next step up from the application grid introduced by the iPhone. That’s a bold statement, considering the next big shift for smartphones will probably involve wearable devices of some sort, or at least a significant change in form factor and services.

Perhaps that plays to BlackBerry’s advantage. Smartphones are still rectangular slabs of plastic and metal, which means a vendor’s canvas for innovating is still on the screen, in the software. That’s where BlackBerry has put most of its efforts, incorporating a smarter keyboard that uses technology from SwiftyKey, live-screen sharing and Skype-like video calling through BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)."

Updated: 23/3/2013

20 March 2013

My Previous Multiply Blog Entries Gone!

Apparently, Multiply had decided to shut down their blog feature and soley focus on eCommerce which I was totally caught off guard.

Embedded image permalink

After checking at Wikipedia do I realized it was announced last year August 2012. If I have known it earlier, I would have find ways to export my entries somewhere and migrate it to this current site.

"An official announcement by Multiply's CEO, Stefan Magdalinski, was made on August 9, 2012, that the social networking portion of Multiply would be discontinued, including hosted blogs, videos, photos and messaging, in order to focus solely on e-commerce." 


End of story!

Perhaps, it is one sure way to start everything afresh! Haiz....

Now I begin to wonder how am I going to back up my blog entries for this site.. how do you back up your entries you bloggers?!

14 March 2013

Life without Start Menu is terrible but there came Start8

Ever since I started using Windows 8 at launched, I struggled. Firstly because I am using a 3 years old laptop that obviously do not come with touch screen. I still use my mouse and keyboard to perform my normal operations and without Start Menu is just plain pain in the neck!

One expert also stated that removing Start Menu and removing the ability to boot to Desktop mode is a mistake:

"There were certain decisions that Microsoft made that were in retrospect flawed. Notably not allowing people to boot into desktop mode and taking away the start button. Those two things have come up consistently. We've done some research and people miss that.

And there are a lot of people that as soon as they boot into Windows 8, they go to desktop mode and do most their work there and occasionally back to Metro. But the point being they're much more comfortable with desktop mode." - IDC analyst Bob O'Donnell

As such, Microsoft causes me to pay a few bucks, just to reinstate my Start Menu & boot to Desktop mode to make my life back to normal! This software I purchased is Start8 and this is how my Start Menu look like... 

I think a video will do justice to what I am trying to illustrate this software Start8

The free trial gives you 30 days to play around, tweak, and set everything up just the way you like it before asking you to purchase the full version for US$4.99. Do try it, especially if you are frustrated as I was. 

(Revised 16th March 2013)

How to manage Wi-Fi Profile in Windows 8?

In the previous versions of Windows you could see the list of wireless networks you had previously connected to, change the order in which these Preferred Networks connected when more than one of them were available, as well as add or remove the Preferred Networks from this list. You could do so via Control Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks.

But in Windows 8, unfortunately this feature is unavailable

It can be done manually in the cmd# by these commands.

Show Wireless Networks

netsh wlan show profiles

Show stored key for a Wireless Network

netsh wlan show profiles name=[profile name] key=clear

Delete Stored Wireless network

netsh wlan delete profile name=[profile name]

# To access Command Prompt for Windows 8

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the Start screen and then touch the All apps icon. If you have a mouse, right-click anywhere on the Start screen and then click on All apps.

Note: If you're using a keyboard, see Tip #1 below for a really quick way to open a Command Prompt window in Windows 8.

2. Now that you're on the Apps screen, swipe or scroll to the right and locate the Windows System section heading.

3. Under Windows System, press or click on Command Prompt.
A new Command Prompt window will open on the Desktop.

4. You can now execute whatever command you needed to run.


1. If you're using a keyboard with Windows 8, you can open Command Prompt via its shortcut on the Power User Menu, which you can access by pressing the WIN and X keys together.

2. Some commands require administrative privileges before they can be executed. See How To Open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8 for instructions on opening Command Prompt as an administrator so you can use those command